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Export & Import

Customs clearance refers to the authorization to facilitate imports and/or exports from the Customs Area (the area of a customs station or a warehouse and includes any area in which imported goods or export goods are generally kept before clearance by Customs Authorities). It includes everything from the documentation work required for the facilitation of export from or imports into the country, assessment / provisional assessment, payment of duties to taking custody of the goods and delivering the cargo to the clients.


Customs clearance services include acting on behalf of the clients and representing the clients in the process of customs clearance.Also known as Carrying and Forwarding agents, customs clearance agents are required to register and obtain a license from Customs to engage in providing customs clearance services. Every country requires every cargo to go through a customs clearance procedure while importing and /or exporting goods /services. The rules and regulations differ from country to country making it very difficult for any importer or exporter to handle the customs clearance procedure along with carrying on the normal course of business.

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